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Howard Woodley Bailey

Howard Bailey’s Legal Guides

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  • Convincing a Judge Not to Lock You Up on a Violation of Probation

    Help Your Lawyer Address the Reasons Why You Violated Probation The Court gave you a break and did not incarcerate you. You were given a list of the Standard Conditions of Probation, and the Court ma

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  • Attacking Voice Identification in a Wiretap Case

    Keep Your Mouth Shut in Court This is a lot harder then it sounds, as we all speak to let our opinions be known. Sometimes we just want to have our own say, and sometimes we feel the need to defend o

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  • Attacking the Controlled Delivery of Drugs

    Talk to your lawyer about questioning all initial aspects of the case. The cops get notice from a common carrier, DHL, UPS, etc, that they have a suspicious package. The cops usually use a drug-dog (

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  • Audibility Hearings of Recorded Communication Evidence

    When the recording is played, can the speakers be heard? The first issue in audibility, is whether all of the participants can be heard. This is not the same as whether the words are intelligible. If

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  • The Admissibility of Electronic Surveillance Evidence in NJ Prosecutions

    Was the Device Used to Record the Communication Capable of Making the Recording? In essence, this factor examines whether the equipment used was in fact recording communications transmitted over the

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  • International Extradition - When You are Taken to Another Country to Face Criminal Charges

    Talk to an Attorney in the Requested Country who is Experienced in International Extradition. The country where the person is, is the Requested Country. This is the country where the person being ext

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