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Harlan Gregg York

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    Many immigrants may be unaware of the U Visa category. A handful of years ago, this category of immigration benefit became available to victims of violent crimes.

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  • I take pride in my grits: Visas for Aliens of Extraordinary Ability

    Getting a work visa through employment is tough these days. Ask anyone in any industry. The highest standard of all is the O-1, based on extraordinary ability. The places to work if you want an O-1 are science, education, business, athletics, the arts, movies or TV. This little p...

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  • 11 Things You Must Know About Deportation Defense

    You have a right to a hearing. Nobody served with a notice to appear can just be deported. Often denials of green card applications contain language that says "you have 30 days to leave or face depor

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  • The Basics of Family Immigration Law

    Immediate Relatives These are the three categories in which the approval of the relative petition ("Form I-130") has no waiting time in which to file for a green card: a. Spouse of US Citizen; b.

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  • Why the AR-11 Change of Address is CRUCIAL in the lives of all immigrants

    The rule An AR-11 Change of Address form must be filed with USCIS within 10 days of any and all moving by an immigrant to a new address. The form takes about 5 minutes to complete. Filing a change

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  • Why You Should Always Talk to a Lawyer before Applying for Citizenship

    Countless green card holders end up in Immigration Court, fighting deportation, after they try to become US citizens. Citizenship denials followed by the possibility of deportation are based on reasons including: * Petty crimes that occurred long ago * Failures to attend fingerpr...

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  • Immigration Consequences of Plea Bargains (Without Any Complicated Legalese)

    It happens all the time. Millions of people with green cards arrived as children. They’ve lived in the US for so long that they don’t have family in their native country or even speak the language.

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