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John Edmund Hogan Jr

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  • Can these DUI charges be fought against in court?

    Recently my girlfriend was arrested for a drug indused DUI for medication Oxycodone 30 mg, for which she had a perscription for. She wishes to fight the DUI with a public defendant because she does not have money for a different lawyer. When she w...

    John’s Answer

    The appears to be a case in which there are several significant issues that would impeded the State's ability to the prosecute the charges. Most significantly, is the lack of a chemical test to confirm the presence of a controlled substance in your girlfriend's blood stream. I recommend that you retain an attorney for this case. As for the DWI as a minor, it would depend on how long ago the offense occured and whether she was convicted of DWI or of the offense of driving after consumption of alcohol by a minor.

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