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Philip D Stern

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  • If you ever wish to have a attorney who knows law and CARE about People, then HE is your guy!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Gary W

    I had experience about other inexperienced attorney before, ( who incidentally has very good review on AVVO),

    So when i contact Mr. Stern based on the reviews here, I have my share of doubt. Boy, what a difference, as soon as you start talking to him, you know he knows what he is talking about, more importantly, he is an honest and caring person,whose rate is more than reasonable.

    You don't have to believe me, just call him and find our yourself.

  • Sued by CACH/Bank of America/MBNA/Law Firm Allan C. Smith for Credit Card Debt

    5.0 stars

    Posted by dan mente

    When I received a summons to appear in Special Civil Court in Union County, New Jersey for a debt I thought had gone away, I desperately was looking for an attorney that knew what he was talking about. I felt as if it was too late for them to sue me because the credit card agreement says it was based on Delaware law (with a statute of limitations of 3 years). Lawyer after lawyer advised me that the status of limitations was 6 years because I lived in New Jersey although I read the agreement differently. Some told me that maybe I was right, but likely wrong.
    After receiving a free, very detailed public response on a law website from Philip D Stern, I was confident he knew what he was talking about. For the entire time of my nightmare, Attorney Stern took the time to explain to me, in minute details as to why CACH (through their attorney the Law Firm Allan C. Smith) was unable to sue me for this debt based on the credit card agreement I had with Bank of America/MBNA and what other attorney’s responses would be. I, by nature, am a nervous person. Philip D Stern made me feel confident in victory. His response to the lawsuit was large and detailed, using other Judge’s decisions as examples to provide insight as to why the case should be dismissed.
    When needed, he attended court and verbally argued our side and won. He charged me a flat fee which also took away the concern of how much will this cost if it drags on. Each and every time I spoke with him about the case, I felt more confident that not only did he know what he was doing, I felt as if he loved to do it and did it not for the money, but for the challenge and to help people. He is one in a million. His efforts saved me from a $14,500 debt for which other attorneys that I spoke to didn’t have the confidence or knowledge at the level Philip D Stern did to win this case. This man saved me from a life of ruin based on debt for which I should not have sued for in the first place. Shame on CACH for doing this to people and thank the Lord for bringing Philip D Stern, to me.

  • Excellent Defense Against Junk Debt Buyer Law Suit

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jim

    Philip Stern is GREAT! If you're ever sued by a junk debt buyer or a credit card company, I highly recommend you retain Mr. Stern to represent you.

    Mr. Stern offers a fully stocked arsenal of weapons to use in your fight against the "big banks" and "junk debt buyers." Don't be bullied by the collectors. Put up a fight and let Mr. Stern help.

    Mr. Stern is very reasonable with his fees. I've hired other lawyers that billed me for ridiculous stuff such as leaving a 30 second voice mail message to call them back (cost me $100). You won't have any of that craziness from Mr. Stern. In fact, Mr. Stern is quite generous with his time and advice. You'll definitely get more value for your money with Mr. Stern. I can't say enough good about him. He's really great and I would highly recommend him. I know if I ever have a debt problem in the future and need a lawyer: Mr. Stern will be my only choice.

    FYI: He helped me fight a junk debt buyer in court and win. He made the bank's attorney "look like a fool." Saved me $12,000!

  • A Counselor with Character!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Latoya

    Mr. Stern is one of the rare people who clearly enjoys educating others about the intricate nature of the legal system. He has given me so much information, that I'm considering following in his footsteps within my own talents of course. He is honest, generous, professional and as well as compassionate and straight forward. He's a good listener. He's a counselor with character. That's so difficult for most people to notice in counselors these days so I'm told. He helped us even though we could not afford to hire him. I have passed his name onto family, friends, and acquaintances.

  • Quick response and very helpful!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Stephanie

    Mr. Stern was able to walk me thru the steps needed for my case. He even offered follow-up assistance without trying to engage me as a client. He seems very knowledgeable about consumer law. I would definitely recommend him.

  • Very helpful

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jamie

    I called around 6:30 pm thinking I would have to leave a voicemail and wait for a callback, but Mr. Stern picked right up! He took almost 15 minutes to answer my questions, which were probably very pedestrian, but he didn't make me feel simple for asking.

    I called with questions on how to proceed and he gave me information to proceed on my own and didn't try to "sell" me his services. I really appreciated that!

  • Great Consumer Law attorney in NJ

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Deborah

    Mr. Stern is sharp. He knows consumer law, and I felt comfortable entrusting a case to him. He and his associate got the case dismissed with prejudice. If you want someone that knows consumer law like the back of his hand and takes his time and thoroughly explains everything to you, contact Mr. Stern. I am so glad I did.

  • Phenomenal!

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    Mr. Stern made sure I was informed every step of the way. Anytime I had any questions he not only got back to me right away but he also explained the whole process to me. He is not only a talented, efficient, knowledgeable lawyer but he is an extremely nice guy. I will be recommending him to all of my family and friends.

    I also must mention Ms. Inna Ryu in this review. She is very professional, intelligent and courteous. They were both such a pleasure to deal with from the start to the very end. I couldn’t be happier with my experience!

  • Extremely knowledgeable and extremely effective.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Terry

    I definitely felt that I've gotten the most for my money in regards to his defending me in two debt collection cases. Extremely knowledgeable of the law and of what is expected from the other side in each case. I conferred with two other lawyers in regards to these matters before hand and neither of them gave me the same confidence as Mr. Stern provided.