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Richard Scott Diamond

Richard Diamond’s reviews

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  • I struck gold by finding him. He's simply the best of the best

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Nicholas

    Finding and hiring Richard was the best decision I've ever made. He’s a true professional. Absolutely gifted attorney. Brilliant. Amazingly passionate about his work (works very hard. Really invests himself in your case. Feels so good to have an attorney who is so passionate). Whatever your situation is, he can handle it. I had some bad experiences with other "top" attorneys. Richard’s restored my faith in the legal profession. He's the best.

    Very professional and courteous. He’ll be open with you. You’ll trust him. You’ll feel very comfortable with him. Very intense. Really cares about your case. He will know the details of your case as good or better than you do (there is nothing else that feels better when you’re in a serious legal challenge). Has the perfect combination of psychological and emotional understanding. You don’t have to endlessly try to explain your story to him. He will “get” it, and he will know how to handle your case.

    He doesn’t look for a legal fight, but he is not afraid of a challenge. In this regard, he is courageous and fearless. He's a very strong lawyer. You will trust him and have full confidence in him. If you’re a woman, you’ll feel protected. If you’re a man, you’ll feel he has your back. The opposing attorney will have high respect for him, and your Judge will also. He knows his case law and all the rules. Up to date. Knows it all. Doesn’t have to go waste time educating himself about an issue. He figures things out quickly. Extremely knowledgeable about finances also.

    He’s a trial attorney. Will take your case to trial if he has to. He is a very experienced and awesome appellate law attorney. He can brilliantly handle your case no matter what happens.

    The consult will be informative. He’s very sharp. Pays extreme attention to the details and what you’re saying. Actively figuring out your case as you give him the details. Very in tune psychologically. Intuitively knows what’s going on. Very user friendly (he will educate you about how the courts work. Gives details on the procedural rules. If you already know this from your own research, then this isn’t so important, but if you don’t know this, then you will get an education on it). He he will tell you what he thinks about your case, how he can help you, how much it will cost for the retainer, and then he will tell you to think it over.

    The office has a very warm, homey, and comfortable feeling. There is Richard, and his team (couple of other very talented attorneys and legal secretaries). They work very hard, very close, and very well together. You don’t get handed off to some attorney you don’t know. Richard does all the court stuff, all the meetings, and is heavily involved in every aspect of your case. Everyone is very inclusive. They’ll make you feel at home and very comfortable. A really great group of people.

    Highest quality of work. No stone is left unturned. Highest level of attention to detail. The papers they write are always going to be the best representation of your story, your issues, and your case. They work extremely hard to make sure they do things perfectly. Your Judge will really understand your case.

    Preparing for trial: Going to trial is a scary situation. Richard will make sure you are prepared and feel confident. Richard himself will be ready for anything. He is methodical, organized, super prepared. Great style. Works swiftly and steadily through cross examination, gets the answers he needs. Very sharp in the moment. Judges like and respect him because the quality of his work is so good(they know that the case coming to them has been extremely well prepared. This makes the Judge feel confident when making decisions in your case).

    Whether it is coming up with an agreement, or going to trial, or appealing a decision, or fighting against an appeal, I truly have felt I was in the best hands. I can't say enough good things!!!

    Hired attorney
  • Former Client

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Maria

    He represented me in a difficult civil union break up and was honest and up front with me at every step. He explained everything to me clearly and was very professional in his handling of the issues. There were times during the matter that I was emotionally a wreck and he was a calming voice and gave me confidence. I liked and respected him and would recommend him highly.

  • Representation in Domestic Violence matter

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Adam

    My spouse filed a false domestic violence complaint against me in an attempt to get me thrown out of our house and for control of our children in a divorce. Fortunately, I met with Mr Diamond in advance, who helped prepare me and who represented my in court before Judge Minkowitz, who found that my spouses complaint for false and threw it out. Excellent representation.

  • competent counsel

    5.0 stars

    Posted by William

    Represented me in a custody type matter and did an excellent job. He has also represented several other indivuduals whom I know ( which is how I came to be represented by him); all of whom have said very positive things about him.