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Jeffrey Anthony Skiendziul

About Jeffrey Skiendziul

About me

Our law practice focuses on representing individuals who have been the targest of New Jersey's firearms laws. Specifically, our office helps people who have been involved in Domestic Violence situations and need to have their firearms returned to them so that they can continue exercising their Second Amendment Rights.

Our office helps people who need to appeal a decision by the State Police or your local police chief when they have denied issuing a Firearms Purchaser Identification Card, Permits to Purchase Handguns, and Permits to Carry Handguns whether you are a first time applicant or repeat applicant.

We also help people who need to have their rights restored, such as expunging criminal and mental health records. Our office also assists those who have been accused of violating New Jereey's gun laws and other criminal offenses as well as all traffic offenses. Our office even assists those who have been accused of violating Fish and Game laws and could have their ability to hunt and fish in New Jersey compromised. 

If you're a hunter, firearms owner, or interested in being able to lawfully purchase firearms in New Jersey, our office can help you preserve and restore your right to keep and bear arms. We look forward to hearing from you. For further information, feel free to browse the website or visit us on social media. 

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