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Melissa Cipriano

Melissa Cipriano’s Answers

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  • Do i need a Lawyer?

    If two people a married and one wants to rent out the property but the other dont. Are they still able to rent the property without the other person say so?

    Melissa’s Answer

    there is no specific way to answer this question other than "maybe"- why do you want to rent? is money an issue? are you living in the property?

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  • My ex will not comply with court orders or pay support.

    I have been to probation court, family court, even a pending criminal court case. My ex owes over 42,000.00 in arrears and will not let me exercise my parenting time with my eldest son, due to a recent custody change for school purposes. He keeps ...

    Melissa’s Answer

    You have several issues - You need to have that sum reduced to judgment and enforce it. Ask probation for an audit of the account. You also should make an application for parenting time and in the event he refuses to comply, the court should review custody and perhaps order a change.

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