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Stewart M Casper

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  • Amazing Results

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    Attorney Casper is one in a million. As a professional, I have worked with many litigators and none have had the depth of experience, understanding and empathy that he has. I had a very complicated case. Stewart spent the time to thoroughly grasp the devastating effects of what happened to me due to medical malpractice. Because of his expertise and commitment, he succeeded in getting ten times the defendant's initial offer -all in a single day. My family will forever be grateful for his accomplishment and caring.

  • The best attorney and a great man

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Natasha

    "Stewart Casper is an incredible attorney. Four and a half years ago I was involved in a slip and fall accident and sustained injuries that resulted in permanent disabilities. We had initially retained a different attorney who had completely mishandled the case and insulted us by questioning our understanding of the English language. Two weeks before the trial we made the decision to retain Attorney Casper and it was the best decision we could have made. His great knowledge, experience, and attention to detail was evident in how he handled our case. Not only are we extremely happy with the result of our case, but Stewart also treated us with respect and compassion, it didn't matter how heavy our accents were. We would certainly recommend Attorney Casper to anyone, especially to other Russian speaking individuals or anyone else from Eastern Europe." - Natasha

  • Highly recommend

    5.0 stars

    Posted by George

    Three years ago, our daughter was involved in a serious car accident, and experienced a severe subdural hematoma requiring more than a year of intensive supports and rehab. It was a horrendous experience for Reiko and our family. Throughout the experience, Stewart Casper and his team were by our sides…not just for the legal support, but also for medical and personal supports. Stewart gave us the ability to focus on our daughter’s TBI needs while he handled the complex and necessary legal aspects. As a result, Reiko has made remarkable progress, and Stewart’s efforts have given her the opportunity to continue her recovery and regain important aspects of her life. Reiko is living successfully independently, is loving her new apartment and friends, is moving smoothly through her program to complete her BA, has a "boyfriend," and is having quality sibling time with her brother. She's got a neurologist and other medical supports, and she's finishing up a brief stint with a counselor to "talk through" some questions. All very good. Three years later, we still marvel at Reiko's remarkable recovery from her life altering accident, and will be forever grateful for the assistance we got from our personal and professional supports network. And, Stewart Casper had a prominent and much appreciated place in that support network. We would recommend him highly and without reservation.

  • Just the best

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Sally

    I met Attorney Casper five years ago, two months after I had been injured.
    I was unable to walk, very frightened and completely bewildered by the sudden and drastic change in my circumstances. I remember he asked the most interesting questions and listened intently to my answers. He was above all, respectful. He explained simply and with clarity, the law as it pertained to my injury. He took my case, and gave me hope.
    He is expert in the law, of course. He exhibits an encyclopedic grasp of legal minutiae. He is an amazing strategic thinker. Very different I think from many of his peers.
    But it is his personal commitment to his clients that is remarkable. An individual plaintiff is especially vulnerable. Our system favors corporate interests, with deep pockets. To seek a remedy for an injury, is to be bullied again and again.
    Attorney Casper did not waver- not once. I wobbled often.
    I underwent multiple surgeries , all of which had complications, and implications for my never ending case. He shepherded me through the maze of personal injury law. He counseled me through numerous conferences, meetings, negotiations and endless reports. If I had a question, I had a response from him, or one of his staff within a day. And when the process became intrusive and humiliating, he exhibited the most remarkable ability to look beyond the detail, with which I was preoccupied, to show me the 'big picture'.
    Nothing surprised him.He was sanguine throughout, and his confidence was infectious.
    His personal respect for me and for my experience, was evident to all in the courtroom.
    Today , it is scarcely two weeks since the conclusion of the trial, which he won -handsomely.

    I am delighted to recommend him.

  • Outstanding Lawyer and Endorsement

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Steven

    I write this endorsement on behalf of Stewart Casper with great enthusiasm. I had the privilege of having Stewart represent me this past year. He was receptive, knowledgeable and professional at all times. From the start, I could tell he always put me first. Stewart was quick to respond to any questions I had, and always kept me informed with the process. His staff was receptive as well, and I always had a response to a call or email within hours.

    As a medical professional, it is clear that he understands the perspective of a client and as a lawyer. He understood medical laws, and had clear guidance that took this information into context. He had a wide array of knowledge and it was clear, that he had much more experience than the opposing lawyers. He did not hesitate to guide me, and each decision he helped me with, clearly worked in my favor.

    Again, I cannot express with words how much Stewart helped me, and I highly recommend him to anyone with a personal injury.

  • Outstanding Representation

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Carol

    "Skip" is an excellent combination of professionalism and realism. His accomplishments in the legal field are noted everywhere. But it his demeanor, ability to listen, willingness to explain and his approachability that sets him apart. I knew I was really comfortable with Skip, but it was during a mediation when I met other lawyers that I realized I found a gem.