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Stefanidis v. Black, et. al.

Case Conclusion Date: 11.21.2012

Practice Area: Personal injury

Outcome: Plaintiff's Verdict

Description: Bill Davoren recently obtained a multiple six figure verdict in what was characterized as a minor property damage case. The case involved a thirty-seven year old car salesman who was rear-ended on Interstate 95. The accident caused our client to suffer permanent injuries to his neck and back and substantially impaired his ability to earn a living. The case was tried to a jury in November, 2012 because the defendants refused to accept responsibility either for the accident or our client’s injuries. Instead, defendants claimed that our client stopped short and that the impact was not sufficient to cause the injuries that he was alleging. Prior to trial, the defendants’ highest offer was twenty-five thousand dollars. After hearing evidence from multiple doctors, including a physician hired by the defendants to conduct an independent medical examination, the jury rejected defendants’ contentions and returned a four hundred and seventy thousand dollar verdict. The verdict was increased by almost sixty thousand dollars in “offer of compromise” interest, for a final judgment in the amount of five hundred twenty-seven thousand dollars, six hundred and eighty-five dollars. As a result of this verdict, our client recovered his medical bills and past lost wages, and he received compensation for his future medical bills, pain, suffering and loss of life’s enjoyment.

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