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Joseph Michael Pankowski Jr

Joseph Pankowski’s Legal Guides

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  • What estate planning questions are best answered on Avvo?

    After reviewing hundreds of questions on Avvo, I have found that there are two distinct groups of individuals who are looking for information on this site: a) Those who need simple answers to precise legal questions; and b) Those who are seeking advice on their case. The former...

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  • Choosing Your Fiduciaries: Executors, Trustees & Guardians

    When preparing estate planning documents, you will need to decide who will manage your assets and, if you have minor children, the individual(s) who will take care of them. This short guide will walk you through the most important factors you should consider when making these important choices.

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  • Three Estate Planning Documents Everyone Should Have

    Whether you have $10 million or $1,000, it is important that you have a Will, Durable Power of Attorney and Health Care Proxy. Without these documents, a Court may appoint someone down the road to oversee your finances, health care decisions and the disposition of your assets after you pass away.

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