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Joseph S Hubicki

Joseph Hubicki’s Legal Guides

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  • New York Divorce: Distribution of an Advanced Degree or Professional License

    Introduction In New York, the value of a spouses academic degree or professional license may be subject to equitable distribution in a divorce proceeding. The typical scenario is where one spouse works and supports the other spouse while he or she pursues a course of study leadi...

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  • New York Child Support: Modification of Child Support Order

    Introduction There are two standards for modifying a child support order in New York. Which standard to apply depends on whether the order is entered by a court after a hearing or whether the order is entered as a result of a stipulation or agreement between the parents. What Are...

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  • Connecticut Annulment of Marriage

    SUMMARY The grounds for legal annulment of marriage in Connecticut are consanguinity or affinity; bigamous marriage; incompetence; defects in the marriage ceremony or license; fraud, force or duress; and concealment or misrepresentation of facts or circumstances. CONSANGUINITY OR...

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  • Connecticut Divorce: Factors Affecting Property Distribution and Alimony Awards

    Introduction How do courts evaluate the way marital property is to be divided between divorcing spouses? What factors should the parties consider when trying to negotiate an agreement? The answer is the same for both questions. Connecticut law spells out the factors that determ...

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  • Connecticut Divorce: Property Division (“Equitable Distribution”)

    Introduction In any action for Divorce, Annulment, or Legal Separation, Connecticut law provides that the Court may order any part of the property of the Husband or the Wife to the other person. This is referred to as equitable distribution of marital property. What Is Considere...

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