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State v. Mustafa Salahuddin

Case Conclusion Date: 03.17.2010

Practice Area: Criminal defense

Outcome: Acquittal after a trial by jury.

Description: When highly decorated Ansonia Police Officer Mustafa Salahuddin was accused of stealing a garden hose from the department by which he was employed he knew he was about to begin the battle of his life. While others in the media and regular citizens not familiar with the employment intricacies involved in a career in law enforcement made light of such an allegation, the reality of the situation was that if convicted Salahuddin would lose his job, his vested benefits, would never be able to work as a police officer again and his reputation would be destroyed. Salahuddin knew he would need someone not only willing to fight in his defense but someone with a strong belief in what is right and what is wrong. Salahuddin then chose Rob Serafinowicz to be his attorney. When friends and family asked why Salahuddin had chosen someone so young he replied “because he is hungry and he believes in the difference between right and wrong”. Serafinowicz and Salahuddin soon became friends as they prepared for what they always knew would be a high profile criminal trial. When the day finally came in March of 2010 both were ready to begin a fight in which the government had its sights set on Salahuddin. After more than two days of evidence it took a jury of his peers mere minutes to find Salahuddin not guilty of the charge, vindicating a man who dedicated his life to helping others and showing that good people can always see the difference between what is right and what is wrong. The victory represented the third consecutive acquittal against zero defeats for Serafinowicz since beginning his own practice in April 2009.

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