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Lantz v. Coleman

Case Conclusion Date: 05.29.2009

Practice Area: Civil rights

Outcome: further litigation regarding issue

Description: The issue of force feeding inmates is one that has been drawing national attention. William Coleman began a hungar strike to protest his wrongful conviction for sexual assault of his former spouse. The former soccer coach of Central Connecticut State University and British National contacted Rob Serafinowicz after being served with a lawsuit on behalf of the Connecticut Department of Correction in which they were seeking an injunction to allow them to force feed Mr. Coleman through the use of a feeding tube. The rules of practice in such a situation did not allow for any delays and Rob Serafinowicz agreed to represent Mr. Coleman with less than two days notice examining numerous witnesses and advocating that because Mr. Coleman was in no immediate physical danger as a result of his hunger strike, the issue was not yet ripe for adjudication.

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