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Zainc and Demers v. City of Waterbury Et. Al.

Case Conclusion Date: 06.24.2009

Practice Area: Civil rights

Outcome: Settlement before trial.

Description: Sean Zainc and William Demers were two young men who wanted to do nothing more than relax after a long night of working as wait staff at the local TGI Fridays. With this intention the two young men proceeded to a local bar but instead of being able to unwind they were accused of stealing a cell phone by a visibly drunk patron. The two young men tried to leave to avoid any further trouble but were unable to do so as the same drunk patron who made the allegation blocked in their vehicle. Soon the two young men were accosted by two drunken individuals who just happened to be off duty police officers. The individuals then used their positions to have the two innocent young men arrested. Unfortunately this injustice would likely have stood if not for the bravery of a bystander. While all this was taking place none of the individuals involved realized a third patron was recording the event with a cell phone video camera. Prior to beginning his defense of these two young men Rob Serafinowicz was supplied with this video footage. Serafinowicz then secured a dismissal of all criminal charges lodged against his clients and filed suit in the Federal District of Connecticut for violations to his clients’ rights as secured by both the Connecticut and United States Constitution. The case settled before trial and three of the individuals involved are no longer police officers.

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