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Tanya Marie Bachand

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  • A lawyer, a confidant, a friend.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Charles

    I first met Attorney Tanya Bachand in 2010 after being injured in an accident that almost claimed my life. After awaking from a coma I was left with scarring, temporary facial paralysis, difficulty walking, debilitating migraines, and minor seizures. I was unable to return to work for several months, and even had a very difficult time readjusting to simple things. For a long time I was unable to get in a car without anxiety and fear even when with my most trusted family and friends. The sudden onset of migraines made watching TV difficult much-less being around places with large crowds or loud sounds.
    Tanya came highly recommended from a trusted family member who had worked with her. It was a very difficult and overwhelming time. I was still coming to terms with what had happened to me, wondering how I would move forward in my daily life if/when my body would heal, whether my facial paralysis would be permanent, would the pain ever stop, would things would return to some semblance of normality. I honestly wasn't sure about what if any steps to take legally or if that was even something I would want to pursue. I was advised by family and friends that it couldn't hurt to at least look at my options and reminded that my personal and sick time had all been used and my bills were still accumulating.
    I don't recall who contacted who first. I do recall her pleasant voice and when arranging our first meeting her offering to come to my house so I wouldn't have to travel. I remember watching nervously as she pulled up to my house and stepped out her car in her business suit and her firm handshake.
    We sat down and we talked she asked about how I was feeling and how my recovery was going and about the incident itself. She gave me some brief suggestions on options I had. She was specific, concise, and straight forward. It brought mixed feelings because the serious undertone and nature of the conversation made it real that I was talking to a lawyer but her demeanor, personality, and her ability to give me the best advice based on what she knew at the time without overwhelming me helped me relax.
    Through-out the duration of our attorney/client relationship she made sure to check in with me on a regular basis to see how I was. Of course she asked about my medical issues and up dates in relation to our case but she generally cared about my well being . She made sure I felt her presence, not overbearingly, but enough to let me know that I wasn't just some file on desk.
    Over the course of our attorney client relationship she kept me informed and up to date at all times. I was privy to and updated regularly on all communique between her and the other attorneys. It was reassuring that Tanya made sure to relay all information, and not just what I wanted to hear or what she thought was important, all the while being very clear about what was actually important and what was just common legal back and forth that I didn't need to stress over.
    My case started slow and I often wondered when it would be over as it was the only thing tying me to that horrible experience. She warned me that they would not make it easy. She never guaranteed any amount. She never gave false hope. She made only one promise to work hard and fight hard to get me as close to justice as she could. As close to being where I would have been had the accident never happened. She never made it all about the money and presented every offer for me to consider but made her opinion of low ball offers perfectly clear. She wouldn't let them devalue my worth or my life. During the deposition and jury selection Tanya was no holds barred. Through-out the entire duration from beginning and slow start, to the deposition and jury selection Tanya was there guiding me through it all even when I was worried and called her late at night. It took four years but I was able to get resolution. I wouldn't have been able to do that with her.

    Hired attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Larry

    A great lawyer and a great person...I feel very comfotrtable and safe in her hands...Best I have had.