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Kevin Murray Smith

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  • Saving Your License From Suspension For Drunk Driving In Connecticut: The DMV Per Se Hearing

    What is a Per Se Hearing at the DMV? When a person is arrested for Operation under the Influence of alcohol or drugs in Connecticut, two parallel processes are set into motion: a criminal case at the

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  • Connecticut Pretrial Diversionary Programs: The Community Service Labor Program

    Why would someone want this program? Successful completion of the community service and drug education components of this program result in a dismissal of the charges and no conviction or criminal re

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  • Habeas Corpus Petitions In Connecticut

    What is a Habeas Corpus petition? A Habeas Corpus petition is a civil action brought against the Commissioner of Corrections seeking the release of an inmate, parolee, or probationer due to a fundame

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  • Bail In Connecticut Criminal Cases

    What Is Bail? Bail is an amount of money or property that can be pledged by a defendant in order to gain his or her release from jail while he or she has a pending criminal case. Bail may be set by

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  • The Connecticut Criminal Justice Process

    Part A, Part B? G.A., J.D.? The Connecticut Criminal Justice system is divided into two divisions known as Part A and Part B. Major felony crimes are generally handled in Part A, which is generally

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  • Appealing A Criminal Conviction In Connecticut

    When Can I Appeal My Conviction? In Connecticut, you will have twenty days from the date you are SENTENCED to file your appeal. However, it is best to discuss an appeal with your trial attorney prio

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  • What To Expect When You Are Arrested In Connecticut

    The Arrest: Do The Police Have A Warrant, Or Are They Making An On-Sight Arrest? In order to arrest you, police must have what is known as "Probable Cause". If you are the focus of an investigation,

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  • Appealing A Denial Of A Motion To Modify Bail

    Filing A Motion To Modify Bail The first step in the appeal process is filing the motion to modify bail at the trial level; without such a motion, there will be no oral argument, no decision, and the

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  • What To Expect When You Have Been Arrested For Drunk Driving In Connecticut

    The Drunk Driving Arrest In Connecticut In Connecticut, if you are stopped by police and they suspect you are operating a motor vehicle under the influence of either drugs or alcohol, they will likel

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