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Joseph B Barnes III

About Joseph Barnes

About me

My relationship with the City of Milford goes back to the founding of the Town in 1639. A direct descendant of at least 15 founding families and four of the late comers (1640s), Milford's Martyr Steven Stow, a Connecticut Governor (Treat) and second pastor of the First Church (Newton) while my Barnes lineage (from Vermont and Massachussetss until 1880) includes three passengers on the Mayflower (1620). Three Irish wives out of the last four generations reshaped my otherwise pristine Yankee English heritage (I am thus 11/16 Irish).

I am dedicated to service to the community through my profession, public service, church, charitable and social work. I am available 24 hours a day with flexible schedules, fees, and services.

I am a graduate of Milford High School, College of he Holy Cross and University of Miami Schoool of Law (cum laude) and have been practicing law in Milford since 1980

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