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Paul Ruszczyk

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  • Anyone dealing with sba

    dealt withbanksof likes webster and sba

    Paul’s Answer

    SBA loans are often a good way for business people to get the capital they need to start, buy or expand expand businesses. The process of closing an SBA loan is somewhat more difficult than closing a normal business loan and the lender will demand security in the form of personal guarantee and even a mortgage on the business owner's personal residence.

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  • Is there any case against someone who keeps posting negative reviews online about a business?

    person may also have tried to impersonate a business employee to influence a new client negatively

    Paul’s Answer

    If the review expresses a genuine opinion by a customer, you have no case. But if it is posted by a business competitor for the purpose of winning customers at your expense, you would have the right to sue for defamation, libel, and in some states unfair competition.

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