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Scott Douglas Camassar

Scott Camassar’s Legal Guides

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  • Five Things You Should Know About Wrongful Death in Connecticut

    Wrongful death cases are a subset of negligence cases. Unlike many other states, in Connecticut the recovery in a death case is based on the loss to the deceased person's estate, not loss to surviving family members.

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    Malpractice cases are a special subset of negligence cases. The following principles are specific to medical malpractice cases.

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  • Overview of Connecticut Firearms Law

    The purpose of this legal guide is to provide an overview of firearms laws in Connecticut and answer commonly asked questions. It is not an exhaustive examination of all the state or federal gun laws.

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  • Negligence Law in Connecticut

    Most of the cases we handle, whether motor vehicle collisions, wrongful deaths, or malpractice, are negligence cases. The basic elements a negligence claim are breach of a duty that one person owes to another, which causes an injury. These elements are more fully described below.

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