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Salvatore Bonanno

About Salvatore Bonanno

About me

With Criminal Defense clients, I have plenty of experience. I have handled hundreds of criminal and drunk driving cases. My experience in defending clients charged with criminal and motor vehicle cases is quite expansive. I have tried criminal cases involving serious felonies such as sexual assault, perjury, kidnapping, larceny, and Connecticut RICO violations, with successful results. In addition, I have handled cases involving Attempted Murder, Manslaughter, Narcotics Sale, and other serious matters. Also, I have handled a large number of Drunk Driving cases that included criminal proceedings, and hearings at the Department of Motor Vehicles.


If you, or a family member is arrested, please don't leave anything to chance, or leave it in the hands of someone who has not dealt with the criminal process before.


With Personal Injury clients, I believe that they often need help immediately as they may be unable to work and may not be able to pay medical bills. Although I believe that it is important to secure fast results for his clients, in those cases where the insurance company will not settle, I will not hesitate to initiate litigation, and pursue whatever legal means there are to recover for my clients.


I offer an initial consultation that involves no obligation. The initial consultation gives us an opportunity to discuss the strength of your case, the chances for a recovery, and how much time the matter should take to conclude. Unless you have an attorney who represents you, the insurance company will know that you are not prepared, and may be unlikely to offer fair compensation. Give me the chance to represent you against the insurance company.

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