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Nadeau v. Barry

Case Conclusion Date: 10.01.2012

Practice Area: Child support

Outcome: Ruling in favor of plaintiff mother.

Description: Mother and father were unmarried when mother gave birth to twins. Father expressed no interest in in the children and evaded attempts by Mother to contact him. Mother had great difficulty tracking down father in order to have him served with a complaint seeking child support. by the time the parties finally ended up in Court close to a year had passed since the birth of the children. In addition to seeking an arrearage for child support, mother also sought an arrearage, dating back to the date of birth, for expenses paid by her for healthcare and childcare. Father argued that he was not legally obligated to pay for such costs. The Court (Hon. Jane K. Grossman) found that the father did in fact owe his share of healthcare and childcare costs dating back to the date of birth of the children. Father appealed to the Superior Court which reviewed the case de novo. The Superior Court (Hon. Linda P. Prestley) found that father was responsible for such expenses dating back to the birth of the children and ordered him to pay mother accordingly.

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