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Jeffrey L Crown

Jeffrey Crown’s Legal Guides

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  • Pitfalls and Opportunities in Distributing Retirement Assets to Trusts

    Ground rules In order to be able to “stretch out” the Minimum Required Distributions (“MRDs”), there must be one or more “Designated Beneficiaries.” We’re trying to create a “See-Through Trust: --

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  • The ? Disappearing ? Estate Tax

    The ? Disappearing ? Estate Tax First you see it Then you dont Then [maybe] you see it again by Jeffrey L. Crown The sleeping estate tax. George Steinbrenner may have been more tax conscious than most people. By dying in 2010, he avoided the Fe...

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  • Fixing Five Fundamental Will Drafting Fumbles

    “Just” Debts Testators frequently direct their Executors to pay their “just debts.” This term does not have a precise meaning and might lead to unneeded litigation. Are mortgages on specifically

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  • You’ve been named as an executor. Now what?

    Probate" the will. An Executor’s first duty is to apply to the Probate Court to have the will “admitted” by the Probate Court. This first step may be easy or complicated, depending on the circumstan

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  • What you need to know about Pre-Nuptial agreements. Avoiding common traps.

    You need two lawyers. Each prospective spouse should have separate, independently selected counsel, who advises him or her of what rights he or she would have in the absence of the prenuptial agreeme

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  • Is the Estate Tax Dead or Only Sleeping ?

    Estate Tax “Repealed.” In a Statute commonly known as “EGGTRA,” enacted in 2001, Congress raised the estate tax exemption in several steps, from $1MM to the 2009 level of $3.5MM. EGGTRA provided for

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  • Fiduciaries and Firearms -- Dealing with Guns in Estate Planning and Administration

    Avoid "Felonious" [and some non-felonious] Fiduciaries Do you routinely ask executors if they have a police record? Most people would consider such a question as a gross invasion of their privacy. N

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  • Why Most "Living Wills" are Defective. Fixing Five Fundamental Flaws

    First Problem: Many important issues are not addressed. Home care and Hospice. Do you want to be taken care of at home instead of a nursing home? If you have a terminal condition, would you want hosp

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