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Clayton v. Sansevero

Case Conclusion Date: 01.14.2009

Practice Area: Wrongful death

Outcome: Settled- mediation Middletown Superior Court.

Description: Our client was going out to an early dinner n Durham Connecticut when a speeding vehicle lost control at a curve in the road and stuck our client's vehicle head on. Narcotic drug residue was found in the pocket book of the at fault driver. The impact lifted our client's small pick up truck up and over the guardrail. Emergency responders were unable to locate her vehicle for several minutes. Our client was alive for a short time after the accident, but did not survive due to massive internal injuries. Unfortunately, the young lady who killed our client continues to run afoul of the law and recently failed to appear for her sentencing for criminal charges brought against her because of the motor vehicle accident and death of Ms. Claton. update: the at fault driver has been arrested and will be facing additional prison time for failure to appear when she is sentenced in January 2010 in Middletown.

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