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Brian J Ladouceur JR

Brian Ladouceur’s Legal Guides

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  • e-Discovery – A New Obligation for Connecticut Businesses

    Small and mid sized businesses BEWARE, starting this year (January 1st) if you are involved in Connecticut State Court litigation new Electronic Discovery Rules (e-Discovery) apply. Unlike larger multi-state businesses, which are more likely to land in Federal Court (or in one o...

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  • Connecticut: Fallen Trees & Branches - Who Pays?

    Heavy snow, soaking rains and high winds have taken their toll on area trees. A common area of disagreement among neighbors is who is responsible for property damage resulting from fallen trees and branches. Most commonly such damage (after the deductible) is covered by the affec...

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  • Parents (and Minors) Beware- Underage Drinking & Driving License Loss in Connecticut

    How can the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) suspend my childs drivers license for a non-vehicle related offense? Why has my insurance premium sky-rocketed when weve not had any accidents? As a new group of teenagers have come of driving age, a brief refresher of some key unde...

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  • Protecting Connecticut Homeowners from Home Improvement Pitfalls

    Have you, or someone you know, been dissatisfied with a home improvement contractor? Homeowners commonly complain about cost overruns, poor workmanship, unnecessary services and missed deadlines. In these tough economic times disreputable contractors, many of whom are not registe...

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