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About Neil Groberg

About me


Neil Groberg is channeling his over 25 years of employment and general corporate law experience to his mediation, arbitration, facilitation and teaching. 

Having confronted almost every employment issue imaginable, Neil has had great success resolving unique and sensitive issues without the need for painful, costly litigation. This and varied work on other legal issues including corporate, real estate, computer, contracts, insurance, and tax law provide a special sensitivity to the impact of employment relations and law on overall business decisions. 

Specific information about mediation and arbitration- 

➢Mediator and Arbitrator for private matters.

➢Mediator for EEOC’s “RESOLVE” Program, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s Alternative Dispute Resolution Program and Connecticut Bar Association’s legal fee disputes process.

➢Numerous arbitrations conducted on behalf of the Better Business Bureau.

➢Participation as an advocate in many employment related mediations.

➢Appointed Facilitator between the State of Connecticut and one of its major unions to mediate, facilitate and arbitrate disputes regarding Alternative Work Scheduling.

➢After intense training authorized to perform court mandated mediations prior to foreclosures in Vermont. 

➢ On approved list of mediators for the Vermont Workers Compensation and Safety Division of the Vermont Department of Labor. Completed intensive Vermont Workers Compensation Adjusters Training.

➢On the American Health Lawyers Association and mediator and arbitrator panels.

➢Completed major project related to Arbitration before the National Arbitration Forum on behalf of Legal Services Law Line of Vermont.

➢Certified Arbitrator by the Council of Better Business Bureaus.

➢Mediation Certificate, University of Connecticut Labor Education Center.

➢Arbitration Training from the Alliance for Education in Dispute Resolution. 

➢United States Post Office Redress Mediation Training.


Mediation, Arbitration, Facilitation, training and teaching primarily on employment law and workplace issues.