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Charles L. Powell

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    5.0 stars

    Posted by Kat

    I had alot of negativity headed my way in my worker's comp. injury case. The people I thought were there to help me, some were truly genuine caregivers, while others, my thinking they had my best interest in hand, actually were creating a lot of damage in my case undermining the good that was trying to happen.

    I began to feel alot of distrust and had no where to turn since the people who I thought were there to help were actually working against me every step of the way, creating an unhealthy enviironment for the physician as well as myself to try to resolve my injury. No one working for w/c told me my rights, options or plans. Their main goal was to get me MMI and back to work as quickly and cheaply as possible, with unresolved pain. It was an uphill battle all the way. My work entails lifting which really was not an appropriate return to work in my condition.

    Thankful to my sister who worked in Voc. Rehab for over 30 years in Ohio, she said I needed some legal advice; and through the online legal helpline, I was introduced to Charles L. Powell, Esquire.

    Immediately I received a call that evening and numerous email contacts following, answering the many questions that were facing me. Charles kept everything as simple and basic as far as the focus of what was pertinent for me to concentrate on for turning things my way. He was able to guide me effectively to relieve any snowballing issues that were at hand and kept the focus and goal simple.

    Without his expertise, my case would certainly have been in a different spiraling direction, especially under time constraints that were facing me. I was well on my way of being prematurely rated maximum medical improvement without exhausting my options.

    Charles gave me the confidence and approval to put the control back to where it belonged, in the hands of the treating physician and told me my rights in a world that was foreign to me as far as how it operates.

  • Forget The Rest & Hire The BEST!!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Clarence (Clay)

    I feel that Charles Powell was the best man for the job. He not only went to bat for me during a very difficult time in my life, he also became a friend. I was involved in a very horrific work accident that changed my life forever. The company I was working for claimed no responsability for my accident. They even tried to blame me for it. It's really a miracle that I am even here today. During all of my medical problems and hardships, and believe me there were plenty of those. Charles was very caring,understanding,and compastionate, during this time. I feel that he went far beyond what was expected of him. Without his expertise I feel I wouldn't of won my case. It was a long and sometimes very frustrating fight. He not only made me feel comfortable, but also my wife. He would call sometimes to just make sure we were OK, and ask if we needed anything. In my book that's someone who really cares about you, and not the money aspect of the case. Charles also has wonderful office personnel to help him. They were always very helpful and courteous. And if we had some questions it seems they all went out of there way to make sure they found out what the answers would be. Throughout all of my procedures,operations, and hospitalizations, Charles was there to support me and my family. More like a friend,and not a lawyer. Though my eaccident has left me disabled for the rest of my life, Charles made sure that I was compensated for the rest of my life. He took all of the worries away. Even though I'm not happy I was involved in this accident,I'm happy to have had Charles as a lawyer and have found a new friend. And I would say to anyone out there to forget the rest, and hire the BEST!!!

  • Highly Knowledgeable

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Kevin

    Attorney Powell is a very knowledgeable in injury law. He will work extremely hard to get what his clients deserve. He works FOR his clients, not the insurance industry, and he has his clients best interest in mind. I am very grateful for what Attorney Powell has done for me and my family.

  • A Strong Recommendation for the Law Office of Charles L. Powell, PLLC

    5.0 stars

    Posted by M.K.

    Charles Powell and his legal staff are top notch. They helped me enormously. I highly recommend them. They are keen experts in the injury practice area and consistently deliver timely professional results.