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Wayne Rodgers Foote

Wayne Foote’s Legal Guides

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  • Maine OUI - Bureau of Motor Vehicles Penalties

    Excessive BAC/BrAC suspensions The Secretary of State will suspend the license of a driver with a blood or breath alcohol level of .08% or more (or a minor with any detectable BAC) for same period of time as a conviction. For a first offense the suspension is 90 days. A work l...

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  • Maine OUI Court penalties

    If you have no prior OUI/DWI/DUI's in any state in the last ten years, you are considered a first offender. A first offense OUI with no aggravating circumstances carries a mandatory minimum penalty of 90 days license suspension and a $500 fine. The first 60 days of that suspensio...

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  • Out-of-State DUI - What happens when you get a DUI on vacation?

    Many people know what can happen if they get a DUI in the state where they live. A tougher question for most people is what happens to their license at home when they get a DUI in another state. You live in State A and you are on vacation in State B. You are driving to your ho...

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  • Traveling to Canada and DUI

    What you need to know about traveling to Canada if you have a DUI conviction.

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  • Taking a Blood Test for DUI

    This is a list of things to know and do if you are faced with taking a DUI blood test.

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  • How to Take a Breath Test

    Don't refuse the test While it is true that the state may have a harder job prosecuting you without a breath test, the consequences of refusal can make the DUI much worse. Most states impose a much

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  • What to Do if You are Stopped for DUI

    Be prepared One of the things police look for in a DUI stop is if you have trouble finding your documents. They will claim this is a sign you are intoxicated. You can avoid this by having your regi

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