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Marie Nancy Sapienza

Marie Sapienza’s Legal Guides

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  • Post-nuptial Agreements in Estate Planning

    New Hampshire now has a new estate planning tool available to families, the postnuptial agreement. On August 21, 2013, the New Hampshire Supreme Court, In Re Estate of Richard B. Wilber, decided that postnuptial agreements are, in fact, enforceable. Many couples, in prenuptial a...

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  • Mortgage Attorney Fees

    Low housing prices and low mortgage rates are encouraging many people to refinance their homes or get a mortgage to purchase a home. These mortgages are the biggest transactions in which most people will ever participate. Yet, aside from the purchase price of the home or the inte...

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  • Attorney Role v. Realtor Role in Real Estate Transactions - Dual Agency Realtors

    Buyer or Seller Representation When you buy a home you may have realtors working on your behalf to find you the perfect home. If you are selling your home, you probably have a realtor working hard to bring you qualified buyers. They have specific jobs to do and the vast majority ...

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  • Basic Estate Planning

    What is Estate Planning? Estate planning means using documents like a will, trusts and powers of attorney to direct how your assets (meaning real estate, money, business interests and personal property) will be handled both during your lifetime and after. Estate planning usually...

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  • Unbundled Legal Services

    New Hampshires rules for attorneys have changed recently, creating more options that can result in lower overall expenses for consumers of legal services. Individuals who are now or potentially involved in a law suit, divorce, domestic violence, or any legal matter, but cannot af...

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