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Richard E. Samdperil

About Richard Samdperil

About me

Richard Samdperil has been practicing law in New Hampshire since 1995.  He estimates that he has tried over 100 cases before a judge or jury, and has won cases in courts throughout New Hampshire. 


Over the past 20 years, Richard Samdperil has represented clients charged with felony, misdemeanor and DWI offenses, and in certain civil matters. Students and other persons under age 21 charged with alcohol and drug offenses comprise a significant portion of his clients.


In addition to being a trial lawyer, Richard Samdperil maintains an active appellate practice.  To date, he has litigated over 50 cases before the State's highest court, and has won new trials for convicted defendants.


Attorney Samdperil has also authored materials and taught defense lawyers on topics including New Hampshire constitutional law, law and forensic sciences, and the elements and defenses of common crimes.

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