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Sabrina Cynette Beavens

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  • As good as they say, if not even better

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    My daughter has been dealing with the aftermath of what she calls "the wedding shakedown" (to the tune of approximately $20-25,000 in unforeseen costs arising after the fact in a "final invoice" - not a small feat) including $1150 for chairs that were not what she ordered (thankfully another order via different vendor were able to deliver the right ones) and similar invoicing issues. She's been a wreck for three weeks since the wedding, worrying about how these things will get resolved. She rented a private home/farm as a venue and to say the owner was a nightmare is an understatement (refused to give them keys, stayed overnight in their guest cottage without their knowledge or consent... The issues are not small matters of dispute or personal opinion - many of these things took place over the course of the five day event.
    My daughter lives in Boston and drove up to Portsmouth to meet with Attorney Beavens and I couldn't be more grateful for her time or attentiveness. Trusting the wrong people has become more and more of a sore spot for them and as a parent, it is painful to see how these particular consequences played out.
    She called me after their appointment (consultation - obviously the kids knew they got lucky and hired on the spot) and its the first time I have heard her sound like herself in weeks. She was hopeful, informed and completely confident in Atty Beavens decision making and guidance. Her approach, as others have commented here (and according to my daughter) is transparent, open and something they were invited to ask questions about and help make decisions as to what their next steps would be.
    As her mother, I hoped this day, and the time leading up to and after it, would be special but unfortunately there were some people involved who've made it quite difficult and extremely stressful. I don't need to know anything more than the sound of my daughters voice yesterday to know she is in clearly competent and (very gratefully) caring hands. Attorney Beavens, we owe you big time and can't thank you enough for your willingness to help. I don't have much experience with reviews but rely on them often myself.... The immediate improvement in her outlook was well worth sharing. Many thanks to you and best wishes from a grateful family of two of your clients!

    Hired attorney
  • I would recommend Attorney Beavens

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Loretta

    I have not have the opportunity to hire Attorney Beavens but if I ever do need a lawyer she will be the first one I call.

    My Daughter went through a very difficult divorce 6 years ago and if it wasn't for the knowledge and compassion of Attorney Beavens who guided with a calm, forced, and profressioal manner my daughter would have not be able to handle issues around the divorce.

    Attorney Beavens is not only the most personable attorney I have ever met she is the kindess. I witness court hearing and contempt hearing and restraining orders and never once under the worse of elevated events did I ever see Attorney Beavens act anything but professional and cool headed.

    I would recommend Attorney Beavens for legal representation if you want the best representaton.

  • A Very Good lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Martha

    I used this attorney when she worked for a practice in Dover. She told me just what I needed to do and what she could do for me. She also told me things I didn't want to hear but I liked that about her.
    She was honest and worked hard for me case.

  • 100% Professional and Knowledgeable

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Brenda

    I heard of Attorney Beavens from a client that I was working with. The client raved about her attorney and how knowledgeable and professional she is. When I found myself in the need of an attorney I called Attorney Beavens. She spoke on the phone and explained my options to me and offered to sit and speak with me.

    During the next eight months she was the calming force during a very bitter and nasty divorce. She kept me grounded utilizing her knowledge, skill, and experience of the law. Attorney Beavens always handled issues with the highest professional representation. Attorney Beavenswas was always available to answer my concerns and questions with care and understanding.

    I would without hasitation recommend Attorney Beavens and I would also use her services if the situation arose.