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Leonard D. Harden

Leonard Harden’s Legal Guides

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  • Cost of a DWI in NH

    I am frequently asked how much will a DWI cost me?There are many variables in what the ultimate cost will be, but in short it will be very expensive.These costs include the need for alternative ways to get around or loss of employment which are impossible to factor into the ulti...

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  • Top 10 Ways a Breath Test May be False: Focused on Intoxylizer 5000 EN

    Breath testing is commonly used by the State to obtain convictions in DWI/ DUI/ OUI cases. Testing breath is an attempt to estimate blood alcohol content indirectly. There are many errors in this process and this guide will provide the "Top 10 Ways a Breath Test May be False."

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  • Don't talk so you can walk

    Your Rights 1. Say nothing. 2. Demand to speak to your lawyer. 3. Remain calm and polite. You have right to decline answering questions

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  • Field Sobriety Tests, What do they mean?

    Roadside Tests, What do they Mean? The police are trained to perform roadside tests to determine if a person should be arrested.These roadside tests are called the standardized field sobriety tests. The reality of the roadside field sobriety tests is that they are conducted by ...

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