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Eric R Wilson

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  • Complicated dui (>1) first offense

    Hi. I have a dui first.o (0.07) in Nh. Some time after, in Ma I got a dui first.o (>0.08)CWOF. The registry saw this as two. Again now in same town Nh (refusal), we made a deal and was sentenced Dwi first.o. I am required to take classes and rema...

    Eric’s Answer

    The Impaired Driver Care Management Program (IDCMP) will require that you provide them with your driving records from both New Hampshire and Massachusetts as part of your initial screening. Since you have 3 alcohol related offenses it is probable that the program will require an evaluation, and thereafter, require additional aftercare counseling sessions. You are required to complete the aftercare counseling assigned as the IDCMP will not notify the DMV that you have completed their program until this aftercare is complete. This means that you will not be eligible to have your operating privileges restored by the DMV until the program and all requirements have been met and all costs have been paid.

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