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State of New Hampshire v. R.B.

Case Conclusion Date: 06.13.2012

Practice Area: DUI and DWI

Outcome: Case dismissed after State's case (before defense witnesses had to testify)

Description: Client was accused of DWI. He was leaving a restaurant with 2 friends after picking up take out for the group of friends on a week long ski trip in Northern NH. He was pulled over after the officer claimed that he crossed the double yellow line during a blizzard. The officer failed to note in his report that the yellow line was covered in snow or that it was even snowing. The client stopped in the Hotel parking lot. The officer had the client perform Field Sobriety Tests in the snow claiming that he cleared off an area to perform field tests. Client told the officer that he had been skiing all day and that his knees were injured in the past from playing hockey. Client was arrested after Field Sobriety Tests and later refused a blood test. Four (4) witnesses came to court to testify regarding client's sobriety.

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