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Benjamin Anthony Mesiti

Benjamin Mesiti’s Legal Guides

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  • CAR ACCIDENTS 101: What Do I Do If I'm In a Motor Vehicle Accident?

    MOTOR VEHICLE ACCIDENTS 101 MOTOR VEHICLE ACCIDENTS Being in an auto accident can be a very scary situation. There are a few things that are very important to remember in the event of an accident: 1) Call 911 immediately and get police, fire and rescue on scene 2) If you are fe...

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  • COURT APPEARANCES 101: What You Need to Know for Your Court Date

    GENERAL RULES TO REMEMBER FOR YOUR COURT DATE WHAT TO KNOW ABOUT YOUR COURT DATE (Adapted From "Your Day in Court: An Introductory Guide to the Rhode Island Judiciary") Whether you are suing someone, being sued, been arrested, petitioning for child support, or any other court r...

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  • ARREST 101: What To Do In The Event of An Arrest (Particularly in the State of Rhode Island)

    I HAVE BEEN ARRESTED, NOW WHAT? Actually, there are certain things you should know even prior to being arrested in the State of Rhode Island. Follow these simple, basic rules, and you could avoid making your case worse, and make it easier for your lawyer to do his/her job. 1) YO...

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