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Timothy James Conlon

Timothy Conlon’s reviews

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  • Parental alienation divorce case

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Anita

    I highly recommend Timothy Conlon. I think of him as my Guardian Angel. I went through an extremely difficult divorce where my children, ages 7 and 11, were alienated by their Father against me and my entire family to the point where they would not call me Mom, would not speak to me on the phone, and threw things at me in the presence of the counselor. At one point I thought I would never see my children again. After hiring 2 different attorneys who were not able to reunite me with my children, I saw an ad for Tim Conlon that said he dealt with difficult child custody cases. I prayed to God every day. Tim was able to appoint a new counselor to my case who helped reunite me to my children after 2 1/2 years of not seeing them. Tim got me joint custody and put motions in place to provide me additional time with my children. Tim believed in me and fought for me every step of the way. I am forever grateful to Tim Conlon. I have a close relationship with my children who are both in college now. God bless you Tim!

    Hired attorney
  • Great in divorce trial involving complex financials + tech is his friend

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Anne

    Tim and his team were the only lawyers I've worked with who understand and use Excel spreadsheets, online document sharing, and even projectors in court to more easily organize and help the judge, and even the forensic accountants -understand the facts of the case. The financials were complex, involving multiple currencies, countries and languages.

    He also did the best and most thorough prep I've ever received before I had to go on the stand. I've been deposed several times before and wish he had prepped me then.

    Lastly, we ended up with a pretty good resolution to the then two-year-long case. No divorce case ends perfectly, but I think this result was fair to both parties while not wasting too many more weeks in trial.

  • Incredible Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Melanie

    My case was complicated by the politics of the Family Court. Tim got to know the details of my case. He made sure that when a motion was brought to court on my behalf, he was prepared to win. He is respectful of the court. Gets to know the players of the case. He does his homework thoroughly. He does not give you false hope. He speaks straight up to you. I would absolutely recommend him. I wish I started my divorce out with him.

  • He ruined my uncontested default divorce-no child support, medical benefits or anything for my disabled chil

    1.0 star

    Posted by carol

    When Mr. Conlon filed the initial paperwork for my divorce he was pursuing child support, alimony, medical and reimbursement of legal fees however during the nominal he never followed through with any of this and as a result none of this became part of my decision pending entry of my uncontested default divorce. Three months after decision pending entry should have been done he did not do it and just left me hanging for months with no explanation of what he was waiting for. I had to hire another lawyer to finish what he started after already paying him $7,500 then come to find out that the child support , alimony, medical benefits and attorney reimbursement fees were never addressed by him at my nominal and henceforce left all that out of my divorce..what did I pay him for...nothing.. I had to then hire another lawyer to file the decision pending entry and final judgement because he did not feel like it. Mind you I owed him no money and had paid in full and was up to date. I wish I never went to him in the first place. I read that he was supposed to be a super lawyer in the divorce arena and that's why I hired him. He was a big disappointment and I wasted a lot of money hiring him. Hope this keeps others from making the mistake I made of hiring him.