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Stefanie A. Murphy

Stefanie Murphy’s Answers

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  • How long does it take to settle personal Injury claim with No attorney just insurance company

    Please I understand I will be told to retain an attorney..but I do not have a year to three years to wait. So my choice I'm settling with the Insurance...I was a pedestrian walking and was struck by a car and the side mirror torn open my arm fro...

    Stefanie’s Answer

    Hiring an attorney does not make the process any longer. Most personal injury claims are settled before filing suit and that is with or without an attorney. The quickest way is to settle prior to suit and that is done by submitting a demand to the insurance company along with bills, costs, medical reports, loss wages, etc. All these factors and more get considered by the insurance company. But you can not settle the case until your done treating. Therefore, it is essential that you wait until you are better or at least until you are done treating before settling. The insurance company will make you sign a release that will bar you from recovering further.

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  • Can a police officer refuse to let you go if you are a passenger in a DUI case and you have not committed any crime?

    I was a passenger in a vehicle where the driver was arrested for DUI. The police officer would not let me go after the driver was arrested. I was not charged with a crime and my background check revealed that I had no warrant or criminal record. I...

    Stefanie’s Answer

    Based on the facts that you presented, you could have left the scene. The police can not force you to stay.

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