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Thomas J. Cleary

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  • Tom Cleary is a Hero

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Michael

    To whom it may concern,

    I am so very thankful for having Tom Cleary represent me and I highly recommend him without reservation.  He is a brilliant, honest, hardworking attorney and a good person.  I came to Tom with a difficult case after having experienced a breach of contract with an employer that resulted in my separation from the company.  I contacted other attorneys first who did not believe that my case was strong enough to even take on.  The situation was such that had I not found representation and went through this process successfully I would have been virtually unemployable in my field.  This after having suffered wrongdoing done to me! 

    When I first spoke with Tom, he was patient and attentively listened to the details of my case and empathized with me which I was so grateful for.  He recognized that there was an injustice done and he took the facts and built a case which we were successfully able to move forward with.  During this process, Tom was always in integrity with what he said, timely with replying to me, professional in all my interactions with him and he is an exceptional writer.  He was also thorough in explaining the various scenarios which we may encounter and different courses we might have to take.  During this process, Tom was also clear and methodical about how we would have to approach each scenario.  Things progressed just as he said they would and we were able to receive a settlement quickly.  Tom's fee was more than fair.  For what he did for me, I truly feel indebted to him believing that I have not paid him enough.  More importantly for me was that his work allowed for my employment record to not be blemished by the unjust actions taken against me.  This proved to be critical for me moving forward. 

    Weeks after the settlement was paid out and things seemed to be over, I was in the process of securing new employment.  There was an issue that arose with the human resource office of my new employer.  I was asked about my former employment though I was now bound to a confidentiality agreement.  This gave the appearance that I was hiding something and my employment was temporarily held up.  I had a meeting that following morning with the HR manager and felt that I needed to talk with Tom to get consul on how to move forward.  I immediately contacted Tom's office and he called me back from his house at 6pm when he was with his family.  He went on to advise me on what to do with meticulous detail.  Never have I felt rushed when talking to Tom even when I know he is juggling several things at once and going out of his way to lend my his time and attention.  The next morning I went to that meeting and I followed his game plan.  Things unfolded just as he said they would.  After the meeting, I contacted him asking him to furnish me a letter regarding my case to explain what happened with my former employer without breaching the confidentiality agreement.  He had that letter written and sent to me for review within an hour.  This while having several other cases he was dealing with that day which all required his attention.  Within hours of the meeting ending he sent the letter to the HR manager.  His actions directly led to my employment.  He addressed their concerns in the letter while not breaching the confidentiality agreement.  Also, I would like to add that he did all this while not billing me for this extra work.  He stated to me that my satisfaction with the outcome would be payment enough.  I do not want to even imagine where I would be if Tom was not my attorney.   Tom is my hero.  I have said this to him and I will say it again, words can not capture how thankful & appreciative I am for all Tom has done for me. 

    Thank you Tom!

    To those hiring an attorney, before you settle on an attorney for your case make sure you contact Tom Cleary.  It is nice to know that there are people like Tom who can be in your corner.