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Alan Stanford Fanger

Alan Fanger’s Legal Guides

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  • Collecting Past Due Condominium Fees

    Condominium fees, which in legalese are known as common area maintenance fees, are the lifeblood of ay condominiums operations. In an uncertain economy where many condominium unit owners find themselves jobless, underemployed, or simply making less of an income than in better tim...

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  • Will Contests - What is undue influence?

    A very common legal matter in Probate litigation are Will Contests. This is when an intersted party challenges the validity of a Will. The question of Undue influence often arises Did someone close to the deceased convince him or her to rewrite the will (to the exclusion of o...

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  • How to Challenge a Will in Massachusetts

    File a Timely Appearance with The Court If you are an heir at law--typically a child, parent or sibling--you will receive notice by certified mail that the decedent has died and has left a will.

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