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Paul Holtzman

Paul Holtzman’s Answers

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  • With or without cause?? They won't tell me.

    My employer terminated my contract as below: My question is a simple one. Was I terminated with or without cause? (see below) They won't tell me and have blacklisted me for all future emmployment competition or even entry onto the prop...

    Paul’s Answer

    A consultation with an attorney should include exploration of a potential claim for unlawful retaliation. Depending on the facts, it can be illegal to fire an employee (even an at-will employee) for asserting certain rights or assisting another in asserting his or her rights. An attorney should also investigate the post employment statements made by your employer in order to determine whether they give rise to tort liability.

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  • Is it legal to withold annual reviews ?

    I requested a review 2 years ago and have yet to receive one. I took time to discuss my issues the previous year, namely the desire to be paid the range we discussed in the interview after accepting an offer $5k below the lower range, while the bo...

    Paul’s Answer

    In assessing whether you have potential legal claims, an attorney would want to know more about the negotiations at the time of hire, the content of any offer letter or contract, as well as the content of subsequent discussions regarding your compensation. In addition, it would be important to explore the significance of the comment regarding marriage to determine whether it suggests discrimination on the basis of a protected class under state or federal law. It is also possible that the receipt of federal grant funds might impose relevant obligations on your employer concerning their employment practices.

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