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Leonard Zandrow Jr

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  • Can u file for damages for faulty road ways to a specific town or municipality ,Woburn MA

    My motor cycle sustained substancial damage done to transmission and shocks caused by a deep depression, at least 3 inch's from rim of cover to asphalt , surrrounding a drain hole . Motor cycle bottomed out on 3 inch depression causing s...

    Leonard’s Answer

    Your rights are likely governed by one of two statutes in Massachusetts law: the defect in public way statute (General Laws, Chapter 84) and/or the Tort Claims Act (General Laws, Chapter 258). These statutes have special notice and/or presentment letter requirements. Written claims must be filed with the public agency responsible for maintaining the roadway. If possible, I would suggest taking photographs of the defect in the roadway ASAP before any changes are made to its condition. Please call me at your earliest convenience to discuss. Len Zandrow, Esq., Brister & Zandrow, LLP, direct dial line: 508-746-9553.

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