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Richard J. Sweeney

About Richard Sweeney

About me

EXPERIENCE, KNOWLEDGE AND PROVEN ABILITY TO HELP YOU WITH YOUR CRIMINAL CASE.  DRUG CRIMES AND SEARCH WARRANTS NEED AN EXPERIENCED ATTORNEY.  When you are faced with serious criminal charges you better take the time to find a firm that has the experience and the knowledge to help you when jail is a possibility.  We have successfully handled violent crimes, white collar crimes, drug crimes and all major felonies in both Federal and State Courts.  Sweeney & Associates is a full service firm that can handle all of your problems within the firm.  Why hire a single attorney when you can hire a whole firm for the same money?  When you or your family have a problem select an attorney who has the knowledge and skill to help you win the case.  Our firm, Sweeney & Associates, is a highly respected firm and well known in legal circles in the Greater Boston area.  Most importantly we are highly skilled, knowledgeable in the law and have extensive experience in criminal cases ranging from traffic tickets to murder.  We have successfully handled thousands of cases in both the District Courts and Superior Courts and will continue to zealously represent every client that retains us.  We understand that being accused of a crime is a traumatic event for you and your family and we take the time and effort to explain the process and do everything we can to achieve a dismissal or a Not Guilty in your case.  The majority of our cases are referrals from former clients, their families and other attorneys who do not handle criminal cases. 


A well respected local firm is invaluable when dealing with police, judges and district attorneys who impact how your case is handled in any particular court.  Look carefully at attorneys who have references from attorneys in OTHER states.    


As the prinipal partner of this firm I have extensive experience in criminal cases involving murder, drugs, sex offenses, rape, robbery, trafficking, and other felonies as well as cases involving domestic violence, drunk driving, minors in possession of alcohol and other related matters. As a retired Boston Police Drug Sergeant I have extensive experience in drug cases involving, possession, distribution, trafficking and cases involving search warrants and seizures.  I also successfully handle appeals of traffic citations and sex offender registry classifications at all levels I have successfully handled divorce cases, child support and DSS issues as well. I also assist many Boston attorneys who have business clients in need of assistance for themselves or family on matters involving the police or courts. 


I was born and raised in Boston. I graduated from Boston Latin School (‘76) and then went on to earn my degrees from Suffolk University and New England School of Law. I retired from the Boston Police as a Sergeant commanding one of Boston’s Drug Units. I spent many years working the streets and utilized this expertise to lecture Police Officers and Recruits at Police Academies and Colleges throughout the state, including Boston and surrounding towns, for over ten years. I was an instructor for the Mass. Criminal Justice Training Council in Criminal and Motor Vehicle laws, Warrants, Search and Seizures, Interrogations, Crime Scene and Evidence Collection as well as Drug Laws and Domestic Violence. I also lectured emergency room nurses and physicians on Domestic Violence, Sex Offenses and other related issues gaining a network of resources in police departments and hospitals throughout the state. 


I am a member of the Quincy and Norfolk Bar Association and I am a Past President of the Bar Association of Norfolk County as well as the Judicial Liaison to the Norfolk County District Courts. I also served as Co-Chair of the Membership Committee and chair several other committees. I serve on the MBA's Joint Bar Committee on Judicial Appointments.  I am an active member of the American Trial Lawyers Association and the Massachusetts Association of Trial Attorneys. Married with 2 children I am a past member of Westwood’s Finance Commission.  I referee ice hockey and have coached both youth hockey and baseball for over twenty years.


When you absolutely need a top rated law firm for your problem contact me at 617-328-6900 or email  When it's important to you, it's important to me.  All matters are handled by our firm and me individually with the assistance of my legal staff for your benefit.  We don't ask our clients for public accolades, they are more than happy to return home and get out of the spotlight.  Let us help you go home when the case is over.  Help me to help you help yourself!