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Karen Piso Nadeau

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  • If I backed out of a parking spot and hit a car trying to pull in, but no citation was given, am I responsible for damages?

    I checked both ways, and began to back up. The other car came out of nowhere and I bumped his rear quarter panel. My car had absolutely no damage and his had a small scratch. However, he is trying to collect $1400 for repairs. They said they se...

    Karen’s Answer

    After reading some of the responses that you have already received it is clear you have been given some very good suggestions. One additional thought is to contact your insurance agent or, if you don't have one, contact your insurance company. Given the minimal nature of the property damage, you should inquire about the likelihood of being surcharged for the accident. There maybe steps you can take now to minimize the risk of a surcharge. However, if you ultimately receive a surcharge notice from your insurance company you should consider appealing it in an effort to prevent an increase in your premium for the next several years. I wish you the best of luck.

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