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Rackham Karlsson

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  • The challenge of choice

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Daniel

    If you’ve never been divorced or had to find a lawyer, the task is both daunting and stressful. The choice you make can affect you financially (settlement outcomes as well as attorney’s fees) and emotionally (settlement outcomes and the experience) – you want to make the right decision, but you just don’t know who’s best for you. My initial meeting with Rackham Karlsson set me directly at ease, he has a relaxed, but professional demeanor, which I found reassuring. I had a somewhat complicated case and a difficult spouse and with each problem or obstacle attorney Karlsson explained the law, the process, and possible outcomes. With this information together we built a strategy, offer, counter-offer, and final settlement. When it came time for court, attorney Karlsson walked me through every step of what would happen that day, which again was reassuring and a comfort. I hope not to have to be in need of his services again, but would recommend Rackham Karlsson to anyone who needs his professional help.

  • Steady, compassionate mediator

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Laura

    We used Rackham as a mediator for a prenuptial agreement. He was an excellent mediator who was clearly knowledgeable and also careful not to give an opinion that would favor one of us over the other. His calm and steady presence helped us navigate the prenuptial process in a way that felt true to ourselves. He was extremely professional, transparent, fair and kind. Even better, he was a very likeable person with whom we connected personally, which we appreciated as the prenuptial process can feel quite impersonal!

  • Excellant Service!

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    My husband and I got caught up in a high-conflict divorce case and were subpoenaed for depositions as potential key witnesses. The lawyer of the party that had subpoenaed us was particularly nasty and was out to harass us (on behalf of his client of course) - Rackham dealt with him brilliantly.

    He was extremely professional and straight-forward right from the get-go - his contract with us was very straight-forward, he was open and honest and provided us with a really great affordable package. With no legal background, I was able to read and understand his contract with us without any difficulty. I particularly liked his use of the latest technologies to electronically sign the agreement which helped us not have to go back and forth to his office or have to fax, etc.

    As expected, the other party at the depositions did cross the line and asked us inappropriate harassing questions that invaded our privacy. Rackham was fully prepared - he not only had found the legalities that protected us from having to expose our private lives but was able to assert it during the depositions very professionally. I felt confident and safe with him. Furthermore, he was able to keep the depositions within the time frame and assisted us in understanding, prepping and knowing what to expect through-out.

    Again, Rackham was brilliant - I highly recommend him to everyone!

  • Above and Beyond Expectations of a lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Ayahnna

    My 20 year old sister passed away this August and left behind a 20 month old daughter. The father received full custody of my niece because he signed the birth certificate. My sisters death is still under investigation. I was informed the father was planning a trip out of state with the baby and started seeking help to sieze his rights to take my niece out of state until my sisters case is closed and to gain custody/visitation. My boss informed me she knew a great lawyer and would exchange our numbers. I hesitated at first due to financial circumstances but Attorney Karlsson called me that day and stated he wanted to help. I met with him that afternoon and he explained the process, gave me several options and asked me how I wanted to proceed. I was very impressed by his demeanor and assertiveness to make a few phone calls and get the ball rolling prior to my arrival at his office. Based on Attorney Karlsson's recommendation, I decided on filing an Emergency Care and Custody petition. We arrived at the courthouse thirty minutes before close on a Friday afternoon and didn't leave until I was gratned a hearing the following Tuesday. It was the first time I smiled since my sisters death. Attorney Karlsson and I spoke prior to the hearing to prepare me for the outcome whether good or bad, discuss what happens during a hearing and what questions I might encounter. When Tuesday arrived, I was fully prepared. I received visitation of my niece and her father was ordered not to leave the state with the baby until the investigation was closed. I was ecstatic! Attorney Karlsson fought for what I wanted, he kept me informed, never made a decision without consulting with me first. He cared about the welfare of my niece, I never felt like I was just a case to him. I am forever grateful for the hard work and time he put into my nieces hearing. Without his help, I don't know what the outcome would be and thanks to him I don't have to think about it. I will refer him to everyone I know. He goes above and beyond the expectaions of a lawyer.