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Jeffrey M Feuer

Jeffrey Feuer’s Legal Guides

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  • Electronic Surveillance in the Workplace in Massachusetts

    The Fourth Amendment to the U. S. Constitution, Article 14 of the Massachusetts Declaration of Rights, and the Massachusetts Privacy Act, Mass. Gen. Laws ch. 214, 1B, all provide protection for citizens to be secure against unreasonable searches by government agencies which inva...

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  • Lead Poisoning -- Rights and Remedies in Massachusetts

    What Is Lead Poisoning? Lead is a poisonous metal that can cause serious and permanent damage to a young child. Lead poisoning is usually caused by a child swallowing very small lead paint chips or breathing in lead dust. Most children are poisoned through their normal daily acti...

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  • Tenants Rights in Massachusetts

    All renters in Massachusetts are entitled to certain basic rights: 1. Exclusive Right to Possession of the Apartment Can my landlord lock me out of my apartment without a court order? No, not for any reason. Only a court can evict you from your home. Can my landlord enter my a...

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