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Kevin J Mahoney

About Kevin Mahoney

About me

Attorney Mahoney has won 52 of his last 55 trials* and has been lead counsel in more than 100 trials and appeals. Considered a master cross-examiner, his book "Relentless Criminal Cross-Examination" is a best seller. Fellow lawyers, court personnel, police officers, physicians, MIT and Harvard professors, a former top-level Pentagon official, and a rock star, as well as the poor, the downtrodden and reviled have entrusted Mahoney with safeguarding their liberty. Because of his impressive trial record and his willingness to tee it up, prosecutors frequently offer his clients very favorable plea bargains.


In his spare time, Mahoney can be found backpacking through the White Mountains, Glacier National Park or remote areas of Iceland, deer hunting in Pennsylvania, running along the Charles River, hiking the rain forests of Costa Rica, living it up in Reykjavik, or competing in No-Limit Texas Hold’em poker tournaments.

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