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  • What are my chances for facing jail time with a first offense larceny charge?

    I was working at GameStop over the summer and had let some friends and my fiancé use my discount, assuming that it was okay from the manager that had worked there at the time. It wasn't until November that I found out that what I was doing was wro...

    Steven’s Answer

    Short of guaranteeing an outcome, which lawyers are barred from doing, based on the little amount of specific facts, I can assure you that you will not go to jail. Period. Do not negotiate anything with your former employer's civil attorneys without retaining your own. Many retail companies hire civil "attorneys" to recoup costs civilly from criminal defendants by sending threatening demand letters that amount to nothing more than scams. I've seen these scam artist lawyers, many from out of state, send threatening collections letters to many of my clients charged with larceny and shoplifting charges.

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