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Eleftherios Konstantinos Travayiakis

Eleftherios Travayiakis’s Legal Guides

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  • Massachusetts Lawmakers Consider Tougher Drunk Driving Penalties

    The Massachusetts State Legislature is currently considering a proposed bill that would impose stiffer penalties for Drunk Driving Law Violations. The bill proposed by State Senator Robert Hedlund would effectively make mandatory the installation of an interlock device for uanyon...

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  • Admission of Expert Forensic Testimony at Trial in Massachusetts

    The Massachusetts Appeals Court recently decided the case of a href="" target="_blank"Commonwealth v. McGrail,/a where that defendant was tried and convicted of the a href="

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  • DUI Checkpoints in Massachusetts

    For persons charged with Massachusetts DUI / Drunk Driving Charges after having gotten stopped at a DUI Checkpoint, Massachusetts law mandates that the DUI Checkpoint must be reasonable. In other words, in cases where a defendant is charged with Operation of a Motor Vehicle While...

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  • Massachusetts Law on Breathalyzer Test Refusals

    Whether or not you are ever pulled over for DUI / Drunk Driving in Massachusetts, you should know that the legal limit in Massachusetts for Blood-Alcohol Content (BAC) is a reading of 0.08%, which is relatively low. What most people don't realize, however, is that you do have the...

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