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Christopher W. Vaughn-Martel

Christopher Vaughn-Martel’s reviews

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  • A lawyer who seemed to work more for the opposing side than his own client

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    Anonymous review posted on

    I hired Attorney Vaughn-Martel after a civil lawsuit was filed against me by an ex-girlfriend over ownership rights to a vehicle I had solely purchased during our 4+ year relationship. An injunction/ court order was filed against me stating that I was not allowed to sell the vehicle until the case was heard before a judge. I hired Vaughn-Martel in hopes that he'd be able to assist in getting the court order lifted as I was unable to afford payments on the vehicle and wanted to be able to sell it. After several months of negotiations between Vaughn-Martel and the plaintiff's attorney a Settlement Agreement was drafted by Vaughn-Martel's office and was forwarded to me for review and signature. I stated the Agreement was to my liking and was told that the Agreement would be sent out AS IS to the Plaintiff and then sent to me for signatures. Problems arose when I found out that after I had approved what I thought to be the FINAL draft of the Settlement Agreement that the Plaintiff's attorney asked that a few changes be made and Attorney Vaughn-Martel's office made these changes without my knowledge, consent or even a discussion of such. When I contacted Attorney Vaughn-Martel to indicate my disproval of such changes I was told that there was nothing they could do to change the Agreement back as the REVISED Agreement had already been mailed out to the Plaintiff for signature. I was beyond irate at this point. To make matters worse is the Plaintiff was never able to obtain financing in order to follow through on the terms of the Settlement Agreement by purchasing the vehicle to pay off my loan (which I couldn't afford to pay and faced repossession of) and to compensate me for monies she had stolen via check fraud / forgery. After the Plaintiff had breached the Agreement by not coming up with the funds within the allotted time frame as per Agreement terms, I was advised by Attorney Vaughn-Martel that selling the vehicle, paying off the loan and keeping the balance of the agreed upon sales amount for myself would be a "viable solution to complying with the agreement, getting rid of the car, and getting settlement funds, all in a way that protects my interests in the event I had to go in front of a judge." I followed my attorneys exact advice and I sold the vehicle 2 days prior to the date it was to be repossessed but only got what I owed. When I got in front of the judge though I was found in contempt of court for going against the imposed court order. Attorney Vaughn-Martel never once stated that he had advised me to do such nor did he defend me in any sense of the word. He never tried to state facts and in no way stood up for me. He seemed to have no idea what to say in court and came across as being completely unprepared, incompetent, unprofessional and unknowledgeable of how to defend a client. He let me hang out to dry and when I confronted him prior to the next hearing for my punishment in front of the judge he totally denied ever having advised me to go against the court order. I even showed him his own email to me stating his advice and he still insisted he never advised such. He then stated it would be in my best interest to allow the civil case against me along with my counterclaims against her for stolen monies be dismissed as per the Plaintiff's request or the judge could punish me by making me pay her money for selling the car. I felt as though I was being coerced into settling the case because my attorney didn't want to have to explain himself to the judge as to why he advised his client to go against a court order. Due to being in fear of what the judge might fine/punish me with and knowing I had no more money and no real counsel on my side to defend me I went against my rights and agreed to allow the case to be dismissed. I ended up with nothing more than destroyed credit & added debt due to racking up $7k in legal fees.....way more than Vaughn-Martel Law ever truly earned or deserved

  • Best Divorce Lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by P.P

    I knew that Chris was the right lawyer for me right of the bat. Chris will give you as long as you need to express your situation and explain your case to him. Besides being a good lawyer, a unique quality that Chris has is that he is a good counselor as well. He understood what I was going through and he gave me the courage to fight. He listened to me everytime, he responded to my questions within minutes via email or phone call. I never felt that a stranger was representing me and, in the end, the case was decided in my favor