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Ilir Kavaja

Ilir Kavaja’s Legal Guides

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  • Clerk Magistrate Hearings: An overview

    A Clerk Magistrate Hearing is often either grossly underestimated or completely ignored by soon-to-be-defendants due to a lack of understanding of its importance and a fear of the unexpected. This blog is intended to be an introduction to the magistrate hearing process, and an a...

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  • Massachusetts Drinking & Driving: When the blue lights come-a-knockin’ don’t go-a-talkin’- A Primer

    Understandably, the shock of the loud siren and flashing blue lights is enough to scare the best of us. However, DO NOT PANIC when getting pulled over by police officers. First, and foremost, it is not a crime to drink and drive. The crime lies within the effects that the drinkin...

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