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Christopher Francis Earley

Christopher Earley’s Legal Guides

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  • Dog Bite Law in Massachusetts and Personal Injuries

    Dog bites occur with alarming frequency in Massachusetts. These accidents cause two types of injuries: physical and mental. The physical injuries can include lacerations, scarring, disfigurement, fractures, etc. The mental injuries are usually many, but primarily, trauma is t...

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  • Why Personal Injury Lawyers Are Absolutely Necessary In Our Society

    The following points are intended to illustrate the beneficial effects of personal injury lawyers on society: Personal injury lawyers force insurance companies to compensate the injured fairly; Personal injury lawyers force people who have injured someone in a car accident to b...

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  • Elements of a Strong Slip and Fall Case

    Some slip and fall cases are stronger than others. Of course, even if your case is not strong, that does NOT mean you do not have a case worth pursuing. Here are some elements that characterizea strong personal injury case: 1) Good photographs were taken which show the area of...

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  • 10 Things To Do (and not to do) After a Massachusetts Car Accident

    Here are some things to do (and things to avoid) following an auto accident in Massachusetts: 1) Call the police; 2) Tell the police officer(s) exactly how the accident occurred; 3) Be careful what you say to the other driver; keep things to an absolute minimum; 4) If you have a ...

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